into the pill - Issue 11

Sharing the Potlatch Vassiliea Stylianidou

Nine contemporary project spaces in Berlin:
Sparwasser, uqbar, Fake or Feint, Anna-Catharina Gebbers Bibliothekswohnung, PROGRAM initiative for art+architecture collaborations, Montgomery, Stedefreund, Cluster, Berlinerpool

Project spaces have a long tradition in Berlin.
Since 1993 I have experienced the restless changing process of Berlin’s cultural landscape.
Alongside the proliferation of commercial galleries in Berlin in the last five years, project spaces continue to be found throughout the city.
To me, this indicates that the city still has open desires. Open spaces and open desires.
Fortunately, the over-representation of the ”established order“ does not saturate the symbolic need and desire for experiencing art and theory as a common good, which opens up possibilities for new forms of sharing public and private space.
Berlin-based independent cultural workers, artists, curators and theoreticians seek to redistribute their cultural capital through the gesture of offering space to, and developing different formats for their colleagues and the public for the exchange and experience of art and theory processes.
Considering Berlin as a laboratory for cultural development for this online issue I launch Sharing the Potlatch, a discussion that will be continued in different formats about the role and reality of project spaces.
I asked them the following questions in order to define a frame of presentation.
In addition to that I asked them to provide a video work from their program.

1. When was your space founded? Tell me about its goals, direction and character.
2. What are your areas of focus and research?
3. How would you describe the artistic reality in Berlin? How would you integrate your space within it?
4. What would you change about the artistic reality of the city?
5. Do you pursue collaboration with local state institutions? What is your experience in that area?
6. Do you pursue other local or international collaborations and joint projects?
7. What form of curatorial action do you propose?
8. What form of cooperation between artist and curator do you investigate?
9. How do you fund your space?

Vassiliea Stylianidou, visual artist.
Lives and works in Berlin and Athens.



Anette Rose

Christine Woditschka

Wilhelm Hein

Elaine W. Ho and Fotini Lazaridou-Hatzigoga
Fake Or Feint

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November 2009


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